Saturday and Sunday all of the tests which exist in Cowboy Dressage will be offered, with the exception of freestyle, which will be offered Saturday only as part of an evening program that also includes youth lead line, and exhibition freestyle, non- judged. Each day will begin with partnership tests, followed by challenge court tests and open court tests. The challenge court tests will begin with challenge walk jog 1 and progress, followed by the open court tests progressively from walk jog 1 forward. GRAND ENTRY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY We will have a grand entry and presentation of the American flag each morning directly before the first test, This is a fun, free way to show your horse the judge's stand and the arena. The procession will pass along the outside of the court between the markers and the arena fence.


Exhibitors (and guests) meet with the judges each morning as scheduled before the grand entry and the commencement of tests to hear their general advice and feedback and to ask questions. The meetings also include announcements from show management and, on Sunday, include the presentation of certain awards. Don't miss them. If you have an early ride, bring your horse along!


As always, every participant receives a rosette in a color that corresponds to the score earned on their test.


Saturday evening will feature youth, amateur and open freestyle presentations, where exhibitors will be competing to win one of our beautiful Cowboy Bronze trophies if they capture the highest score in their division. We will also be ready to be overwhelmed by the adorable spectacle that is youth lead line! KCDA will provide a come-and-go dinner. The schedule for the evening will be released along with ride times and posted on the website.


Jill von Ilten grew up riding horses on their 500 acre ranch in the Salinas Valley.  She got really hooked at age 11 when she got her first Morgan, a three year old, life- changing friend. As a teenager, she showed and bred her Morgans, participating wherever she could in any horse related event. Much of her horse hours were spent in the hills and river beds of the Salinas Valley either riding horse or in harness.   >>Read More>>


Hello from Lynn McEnespy! I became interested and involved with Cowboy Dressage through my friend and Cowboy Dressage partner, Lyn Ringrose-Moe. I was one of their first judges by virtue of my dressage background and Lyn needed judges!  It became very obvious that this was a great opportunity for everyone to learn riding and training principles as well as compete in a friendly, supportive environment. I particularly appreciate the basic premise of being kind to the horse.  It is not all about winning ribbons.  This has developed into a great program that is very accessible to everyone.   >>Read More>>


Another familiar and well-loved face at our gatherings is Cherie Wasson of Hidden Rock Ranch photography, who will once again spend the day capturing rides in the arena for those who sign up beforehand for her services, as well as having a backdrop available for portraits of participants' horses or the participants themselves.


We will award beautiful Cowboy Bronze trophies to various class and award winners in sponsored classes; ask for an up-to-date list of present sponsorships and carefully review the high point and award rules to see how to qualify! (Pictured is the 2017 trophy, the 2018 versions will be in a different style.)


We know prizes are just a bonus to the more important benefits of Cowboy Dressage and what we celebrate at our gatherings, but they sure are pretty! Read the high point rules to learn how they will be awarded. (Pictured are the 2017 buckles; the 2018 version will be different but of comparable quality from Molly's Custom Silver.)


The Kansas Cowboy Dessage coveted “soft feel” award. Each rider who receives an 8.5 or higher on their soft feel collective score will be awarded the most coveted “soft feel” bridle charm. It’s just a simple little charm that means the world to your horse! 


We are a volunteer-run event and welcome exhibitors and non-exhibitors to help the event run smoothly. If you are new to Cowboy Dressage it's a great way to meet people and begin to see what we're all about. Email Rachel,, regarding volunteer opportunities.


CALLERS. Arrange for a caller! KCDA does not provide callers. If we are told that someone is interested in calling, we will pass that information along to you. Ultimately caller arrangements are your responsibility! $5/test is a standard callers' fee. Callers stand at E and may use KCDA's call sheets. COGGINS REQUIRED. A Coggins result that is dated within a year of the show dates is required. BEDDING. Order bedding on your entry form! The fairgrounds do not allow outside bedding. They will place the pre-ordered shavings in the barn. If you need additional bedding it can be purchased at the time of the show and you will be responsible for carrying it from the bedding cage in Expo I. FOUR RIDE LIMIT. A horse may not be ridden in more than four tests each day, not counting in-hand or leadline. The four ride limit does apply to freestyle entries. BUDDY HORSES. You may have up to two "buddy horses" join you in the competition arena during your test. They can stand anywhere in the arena outside of the court that does not inhibit the judge's view, and may be led or ridden. DINNER. A come-and-go dinner will be provided Saturday night, so come hungry! PAID WARM UP. The only way to get your horse physically on the competition courts before you compete is through a paid warm up. Before and after paid warm up, anyone may ride between the outside of the court and the arena fence.

2018 Midwest Regional Final Gathering & Show

November 10-11


, 2018

Please join us for our regional gathering and show upcoming November 10-11 th  at Kansas State Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, Kansas. Entries are closed. Contact Rachel Zenger at for late entries.
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