Kansas Cowboy Dressage™ Association

Meet the Board

Sheryl Strathman ~KCDA President

I am drawn to Cowboy Dressage because it provides an opportunity for horse enthusiasts of all abilities to progress their horsemanship skills within the boundaries of respect for the horse and respect for their fellow horsemen.  It isn’t just about pleasing a judge in a competition.  Cowboy Dressage could be a lifelong journey exploring a deeper level of partnership with your equine companions and human friends! Sheryl’s show background includes AQHA all-around classes with her partner, Diesel.  She moved from the all- around classes to NRHA reining.  Sheryl and her equine reining partner, Bob, qualified for the AQHA World Show in 2013 and AQHA Select World in 2014 in Ranch Horse Pleasure. Sheryl is currently serving as the Kansas Cowboy Dressage Association President.  She is also a Cowboy Dressage Recommended Judge.  Sheryl is available for clinics and lessons. Cyndi Harris ~KCDA Vice President I have always loved horses. As a little girl, I was a horse until my parents finally let me have one, for fear I would not walk on ‘2’ legs. This love for horses continued to flourish as I grew older, developing into a confident rider and trainer. Participating in 4-H, High School Rodeo and local events, I honed on my skills. Always trying to be better for the horse.  Having that innate ability with horses, I started training horses for the public while in high school. Thus my  first  ‘job’. Not satisfied with my knowledge, I seeked out those that were better and offered a better deal for the horse. I would attend clinics given by Ray Hunt, Lee Smith and others of like-minded horseman. I feel that we should continue to work on ourselves to help our horses, so I continue on my journey of knowledge for better horsemanship. I own and manage a horse boarding facility where I teach people and horses to be better partners. After being introduced to Cowboy Dressage, I was delighted to see what it can do for the partnership between the rider and horse.  The philosophy of the “Soft Feel” is the ultimate in horsemanship.  I am enjoying sharing this experience with all that are willing to learn. Cowboy Dressage is an invaluable discipline that will enhance anything you want to do with your horse. I still enjoy competing in obstacle events, ranch horse events and a variety of others. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at all of the Kansas Cowboy Dressage events. Karen Pool I have always had a passion for horses.  By the time I was 5 years old, I received an Arabian mare from my grandfather.  From this mare and one of her daughters that I kept, I was able to help fund my college education from the sales of their foals.  In my 4-H years, my interest was in barrel racing.  I transitioned into quarter horses during my last few 4-H years and have remained as a fan of the quarter horse.  I no longer have the need for speed of my youth.    Several years ago, I was introduced to Cowboy Dressage and really have enjoyed the experience.  It served as an excellent bonding experience with my new ride, RJ, a former cutting horse.  For RJ, this was a very different discipline but he has been a very willing partner, enjoying the soft feel aspect of this discipline.  The skills that we are learning and experiencing in Cowboy Dressage are also beneficial for other disciplines that I would still like to participate in. I have enjoyed the clinics, schooling shows and the gatherings that we have participated in.  I feel that we can always strive to improve our horsemanship skills.  I have enjoyed the non-competitive aspect of Cowboy dressage as everyone is very supportive of each other.  I just try to advance and improve on each test that we ride.  I really appreciate the comments on the ride score sheets as these are valuable feedback for our progressive improvement. I am looking forward to serving on the board of the Kansas Cowboy Dressage and hope to be able to support the organization for a successful future.
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Margo Twaddle ~KCDA Treasurer Margo Twaddle has had a passion for horses since she was a child, she grew up riding two family horses. Upon retirement in 2013 she would again have time to pursue her childhood passion. She began taking horsemanship lessons and started attending KCDA events and was taken with the idea of riding dressage with a soft feel.  When she found her new best friend, Huntin Cool Cash, aka Charlie, she seized the opportunity to jump back in to the horse world. Margo’s professional experience was as a teacher, middle school counselor, and then assistant principal. Margo and her husband, Timm, live on a hobby farm outside of Olathe and enjoy hosting their five grandchildren to the fun of living in the country. The Kansas Cowboy Dressage Association drew Margo’s attention because of the pragmatic, kind and calm manner of riding. The lifestyle of  “Cowboy Dressage,” horse ownership, and the gathering of like-minded people are all big draws for Margo.
Leslie Borden While formal show experience is lacking, Leslie’s passion for horses isn’t.  Being drawn to horses at an early age led to a lifelong desire to have a horse to call her own.  She fulfilled this dream several years ago and has been pursuing a variety of disciplines since. Starting out in traditional dressage, Leslie rode for several years with the English crowd but after learning about Cowboy dressage, the switch was a natural fit. Jeans and boots have always been a more comfortable wardrobe than breeches and jackets! Leslie’s professional career is in the field of athletic training so the art of dressage and the science of the biomechanics of movement bring both of her worlds together. Her goal is to find the best way to prepare horses for the maneuvers of the dressage test while increasing their athletic abilities through proper training. The camaraderie and friendships made through my connection with Cowboy Dressage is absolutely the most rewarding thing about KCDA.  Bringing quality clinicians and the continued opportunity to learn keeps me coming back for more.