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April 2018  “All About Cowboy Dressage World™ Memberships”

Article written by Rachel Zenger

Since the beginning of the year, many Cowboy Dressage™ riders are hearing about the CDWPA and

Cowboy Dressage™ Remuda for the first time. Here is a quick guide to the international Cowboy

Dressage™ organizations, which will hopefully help you understand 1) what are these organizations, in

basic terms; 2) what you get for your membership; 3) whether you need to join; and 4) if you do need

to join, how to do it.

What are CDW, CDWPA and Cowboy Dressage Remuda?

CDW stands for “Cowboy Dressage™ World.” CDW is the international organization for Cowboy

Dressage™. Membership is free; you have to agree to the Cowboy Dressage™ Handshake, which is a

set of tenants that guide a Cowboy Dressage World member.

CDWPA stands for “Cowboy Dressage™ World Professional Association.” The CDWPA sets standards of

qualification for Cowboy Dressage™ judges and clinicians, processes applications for judges and

clinicians, and shares information and continuing educational resources with its members. There are

also categories in the CDWPA for “Ambassadors,” who are not clinicians or judges, but want access to

the information sharing of the CDWPA, and “Learner Judges” who are working on the requirements to

become recommended judges and are permitted to judge schooling shows. The CDWPA has existed


The Cowboy Dressage™ Remuda is an organization that documents horses and riders’ results from

recommended shows and creates overall rankings of participants nationwide (internationally?).

Remuda memberships for one horse and rider are included with a CDWPA membership. In order to

exhibit at recognized competitions, the participating rider and each horse must have a current

Remuda membership, or pay an extra fee. The Remuda takes effect for the first time in 2018.

What do I get for my membership?

CDWPA offers first access to new developments, information and certain resources to its members.

The Remuda will track show results and create and publish rankings. Over time these associations

may develop to offer additional direct benefits. The CDWPA also promotes members on its Facebook

page, allows access to a private group for information sharing, and lists its members by category and

location on its website.

Indirectly, membership in these organizations is a source of income for the international organization

of Cowboy Dressage™ World, and supports the efforts of this body to continue developing tests,

improving rules and standards, innovating national and international programs, awards and

infrastructure. Many horse enthusiasts are familiar with paying a membership and horse registration

fee to a breed association in order to compete, or paying an annual fee to their national association in

addition to their local club. Some horse enthusiasts, newer to competition, are not. It may reassure

those persons to know that the fees being implemented by the Remuda are consistent with what

other national associations charge their members.

Do I need to join?

All Cowboy Dressage™ enthusiasts are encourage to take the Handshake for CDW membership. CDW

membership is a prerequisite to membership in the CDWPA and Remuda.

If you are a professional clinician (including trainers and instructors) or judge in Cowboy Dressage™,

then you must become a CDWPA member.

If you are an amateur, youth or open competitor and you wish to have your show results tracked by

Cowboy Dressage™ World, then you must become a Remuda member. If you are indifferent to

whether your show results are tracked, you may decline to become a Remuda member, but you will

be subject to an extra fee at any recommended show you attend. If you attend enough shows, the

cost of the Remuda membership is likely to be less than the cost of the extra fees for non-Remuda

members. A Remuda membership for one rider and the first division for one horse is included in a

CDWPA membership.

How do I join?

Joining the CDW can be done by taking the Handshake online at


You can join the CDWPA by visiting https://cowboydressageworld.com/cdw-professionals/ and

following the instructions from there. Be sure that after you receive your confirmation email, you

follow the link to complete your included Remuda membership at the same time. CDWPA

membership fees range from $75.00 for Ambassadors to $250.00 for Level 3 Clinicians and are


If a CDWPA membership is not applicable to you, you can join the Remuda directly by visiting


world-remuda-membership/ and following the instructions from there. Remuda membership fees are

$15.00 for youth and $50.00 adults for the first horse and division and are annual. The non-Remuda

fee at a recognized show is $25.00.

Each of these methods will only register one of your horses in one division. If you need to add

divisions and/or horses, you will have to do so by filling out and mailing a paper form. You can find

the form and instructions at https://cowboydressageworld.com/membership-with-a-

handshake/select-2nd-division-for-30-00/. Additional divisions are $30.00 each.