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I have always loved horses. As a little girl, I was a horse until my parents finally let me have one, for fear I would not walk on ‘2’ legs. This love for horses continued to flourish as I grew older, developing into a confident rider and trainer. Participating in 4-H, High School Rodeo and local events, I honed on my skills. Always trying to be better for the horse.  Having that innate ability with horses, I started training horses for the public while in high school. Thus my  first  ‘job’. Not satisfied with my knowledge, I seeked out those that were better and offered a better deal for the horse. I would attend clinics given by Ray Hunt, Lee Smith and others of like- minded horseman. I feel that we should continue to work on ourselves to help our horses, so I continue on my journey of knowledge for better horsemanship. I own and manage a horse boarding facility where I teach people and horses to be better partners. After being introduced to Cowboy Dressage, I was delighted to see what it can do for the partnership between the rider and horse.  The philosophy of the “Soft Feel” is the ultimate in horsemanship.  I am enjoying sharing this experience with all that are willing to learn. Cowboy Dressage is an invaluable discipline that will enhance anything you want to do with your horse. I still enjoy competing in obstacle events, ranch horse events and a variety of others. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at all of the Kansas Cowboy Dressage events.

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  Cyndi Harris

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