Judges' Training with Lyn Ringrose-Moe

We had a wonderful group of horses and riders representing our organization at a judges' training May 8-10. These are photographs of Saturday's judging of live horses. Judges candidates came from states away for this event and obtained a a wealth of new information.

2014 KCDA Summer Gathering

2014 KCDA Fall Gathering

CLICK HERE  to view the Cowboy Dressage Pas De Deux Freestyle performed at the Gathering by Bill Walton and Kim McBroom or you can view it using the following link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdXqU3i2-lY
2014 Year-End Award Ceremony KCDA’s first year-end awards banquet was held at Summer’s Palace west of Topeka on Nov. 1. The event was filled with education, information, celebration and friendship – not to mention excellent food and an enticing array of silent auction items. What a way to ring out the official 2014 Kansas Cowboy Dressage season and create excitement for 2015! Year-end award winners included: OPEN: High Point, Jane O'Boyle;  Soft Feel, Missy Hood / AMATEUR: High Point, Margo Twaddle; Res. High Point, Laurie Urish; Soft feel: Laurie Urish / YOUTH: High Point, Emma Moore; Res. High Point, Bridget Stanton; Soft Feel: Natalie Vesta / GAITED: High Point, Deborah Edwards Congratulations, all!

2014 Katrina Sander’s Clinic

2015 Spring Gathering

July 27


, 2014 KCDA Play Day

Big thanks to Lindsay Dye for hosting the July Play Day at her arena! The morning turned out to be surprisingly cool for late July, and riders had to scurry to the barn and sheds a couple of times when rain showers came through. Laurie Urish demonstrated basic geometry and riders had the opportunity to practice and have “do-overs” when they missed touchpoints. All the riding was peppered with tips for riding the circles and free gaits; plus the importance of steady tempos, soft feel and rewarding the “try.” The final exercise was riding a walk-trot test. Laurie and Joan Stibal took turns calling the tests. Everyone had a chance to get familiar with the court and letters. A couple stirrup adjustments and bit changes had been made during the course of the Play Day – or morning, to be more exact. And by the morning’s end, even the more apprehensive horses showed a lot of relaxation. Play Day welcomed a husband and wife duo from Columbia, Mo., who are interested in riding Cowboy Dressage; and their friend from Spring Hill, Kan., who has a horse in training in classical dressage and is interested in riding in a western saddle.
2015 Year-End Clinic & Ceremony
2015 Year-End Ceremony & Clinic (Click Photo to View Album)
2016 Equifest of Kansas
2016 Equifest of Kansas (Click Photo to View Album)
2017 Equifest & Year-End Ceremony
2017 Equifest of Kansas & Year-End Ceremony (Click Photo to View Album)
2017 Fall Gathering
2017 Fall Gathering & Show (Click Photo to View Album)
2016 Schooling Show & Clinic
2016 Schooling Show & Clinic (Click Photo to View Album)
2016 Regional Show
2016 Regional Show (Click Photo to View Album)
2015 Fall Gathering
2015 Fall Gathering (Click Photo to View Album)
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